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At FIT n TAN Tanning Salon and Spa, you can relax, renew, find a new you, and enjoy the best tanning experience in St Louis. We are a unique provider of confidence and self-esteem-building services around you and your goals. Offering state-of-the-art Sunbeds, Spa Services, and the most Sunless tanning options anywhere with unparalleled customer service.  In addition, we offer a variety of affordable skincare products from Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, Designer Skin, Versa Spa, and Mystic Tan. We also offer Formostar Infrared Wraps for weight loss and pain management, Red Light Therapy for anti-aging and acne, Massage Therapy, Laser Lipo Body Sculpting - the cutting edge technology in permanent fat loss without any pain, bruising, or downtime and Infrared Sauna where you can enjoy the relaxation and skin rejuvenating effects of Infrared Technology.


As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a part of the beauty industry. As I was growing up, you'd see the people that "wanted to be that girl" or "look cool like that guy". FIT n TAN Salon and Spa is a culmination of years of working in an industry that didn't always focus on the guest. I knew I wanted to bring something different to the industry that touched people in the most personal of ways, their self-esteem, and confidence. To be that person who can provide that to people is more rewarding than I can express. Have you ever said to yourself I wish "X" was different? Or maybe it was I wish I had that nice glow, I wish I could get rid of that extra weight, I wish I looked younger again, or even I wish I could live healthier. We listen to guests every day that are looking for the answers.  And the best part of what we do? We give it to them! You don't have to be in the elite class to afford to be the best version of you that you can be.