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How are we protecting our Guests during COVID-19?

We are all aware of the guidelines that the CDC and local governments have been suggesting when it comes to taking care of consumers during the COVID pandemic. Fit N Tan Salon and Spa has also been very diligent in our response to the virus and we're outlining some of those things here! We're committed to being a part of the solution in our communities as well making sure all our guests can enjoy a bit of normalcy in these days within a sanitized environment.

  • We are specifically asking anyone that is symptomatic with COVID, do not visit our salon.

  • If you are under self-quarantine due to being exposed to someone with COVID, do not visit our salon.

  • We use a Hospital grade sanitizer in all our salons. LUCASOL has been a leader in the sanitation industry for years and specifically kills Coronavirus.

  • All surfaces in the salon including doors, handles, stools, and counters are consistently cleaned throughout the day.

  • All of our Spa Consultants are required to wear a mask on shift in the St Louis County and St Louis City areas.

  • We're requesting that all guests wear a mask when entering our salons.

  • All of our rooms are larger than the required 6 feet distance for social distancing. Our rooms never measure less than 8 feet so you are social distanced in a private room when you're in our salon enjoying your service.

  • We are adhering to social distancing guidelines in our lobby. Please be aware that we will be asking people to remain outside and wait if we have too many people in our lobby.

  • We have been limiting the number of people in the salon at one time. Please do not come in large groups to visit us.

  • We have sanitizers available for use and for purchase in the salon. Please feel free to use it!

  • We are performing Formostar Infrared Wraps and MyLipo Bodysculpting services, but to have this service, you must be wearing a mask as it is close contact with our Spa Consultants.

  • Handheld Airbrush tans will be done at the discretion of our Spa Consultants and you will be required to wear a mask until your face is sprayed. We are all looking forward to returning to life as normal, but we're fortunate to be in a business where sanitation is our daily routine! We are working hard to ensure you can enjoy your favorite services while feeling that our Spa Consultants have taken every measure to ensure we're a part of the solution in our communities. If there is anything we can do to help you enjoy your visit with us even more, please feel free to let one of our Spa Consultants know!

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