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Tanning Tips from Fit N Tan

Fit N Tan Tanning Tips

MOISTURE is the key to a long-lasting tan! Plenty of lotion and water will keep skin moist! By using lotions and drinking plenty of water, the healthier skin you will have. And with healthier skin comes a tan that will develop faster and last longer. Always wear eye protection! Eye protection is required! Eyewear is available for purchase at Fit N Tan at the front desk. It is dangerous to tan without eye protection. Please stop one of our Spa Consultanst if you have any questions or concerns. Use a Tanning Lotion! For the best results always use a tanning lotion. Indoor tanning lotions will provide you with up to 60% better tanning results and help your skin stay moisturized. We have a numerous selection of lotions, tan extenders, bronzers, and moisturizers for every budget. Ask one of our Spa Consultants how you can get the best results while keeping your skin in a healthy condition while you tan!

Fun Fact: You lose the first 4-6 minutes while tanning indoors if you do not use a lotion! So use a lotion and don't waste your money! Allow 24-48 Hours between tanning sessions!. You are allowed to tan once every 24 hours! Waiting at least 48 hours between tanning sessions lessens the potential for over-exposure and allows your body to produce a gradual tan. Tanning is a process and shouldn't be rushed.

Allow your bronzers in your lotions to do their job before taking a shower! Even if you're using DermaDark bronzers that don't leave a tint to the skin, bronzers require time to do their job completely. A DHA bronzer usually needs at least 12 hours to fully develop. If possible, don't shower imediately after your tan and allow your bronzers and moisturizers to do their job. You'll get better results!

A few tanning tips...

Medications: Some prescription drugs, like antibiotics, contraceptives and others, can make you sensitive to ultra-violet light. Please consult with your physician if you have questions.

Goggles: They are a must. Your eyelids are the thinnest membranes on your body and need protection. Our goggles are FDA compliant and shield 99.9% of ultraviolet light.

Tanning in the buff: Please be careful with areas not accustomed to sunlight. During the first few sessions, these areas should be covered for half of the session time. (Remember, this for your comfort, not because you will burn!)

Lips: Lips have no melanin and will no tan. They can dry out though, so keep them moist with a good lip balm.

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